self esteem, self imageUnderstanding Your Self-Image

Self-image is simply having the ability to understand your strengths, as well as your faults. What’s important is that you find the courage and determination to live life with that knowledge. move through life being able means understanding your own strengths, as well as faults, and being able to live your life with that knowledge.  Consider this, if too much of your focus is on your faults or what you or others many think are your negatives, it will decrease your self worth or image.

So, it’s  not as though its hard work to be happy with yourself. It’s a matter of perspective, acknowledge who you are and live accordingly. When the negatives seep in, put a plug in it before they begin to spread all over. Back it up with positive affirmations you’ve learned or call a friend and let them know you need a kind word from them. I bet they will comply without hesitation.

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