Improve Self Confidence, Self Esteem

improve self confidence, self esteemDo Suggestions Provided For Improving Self Esteem and Confidence Really Work?

Although there may  not be many people asking this question, but I think about it quite often. Because of the number of self help books purchased, courses and seminars attended by those interested in this topic it makes you wonder why it is still popular with people. Are we really that in need of improving our personal psyche or wanting to be healed from the ugliness in our past?

If we are that serious, why is it so difficult to overcome our self prescribed personal deficiencies? Why isn’t that most of us don’t see much improvement despite the words of affirmation, good luck charms or hanging out with positive people. Do positive suggestions to help improve our self esteem really work? I think it’s a good question to ask yourself.

In considering this question, it reminds me of disclaimers you see on websites that purport they can help you earn money in various ways and with different systems and processes. Their disclaimers usually contain certain language that absolves them from any responsibility if you are not successful in earning the same income as they do using their system or software.

It’s as if they want your money, but with their hands in the air it’s not my fault if you don’t succeed. Or should they just tell us that I really don’t care if you succeed, just hand over your money! With this mind, let’s look at some of the language that can be found in these disclaimer warnings to consumers. If you look closely, they are some of the same words that get people concerned about is it really possible to to believe that they can improve their personal confidence and self image or self esteem. For example, some of the language include the following terms:

  • This is not for everyone.
  • There are no guarantees.
  • We are not responsible for your results.
  • Results will vary according to the individual.
  • We have worked to ensure our information is an accurate representation (Speaks to honesty and integrity) of the facts.

This probably seems like the long way around proving a point, but also contained in these disclaimers is wording regarding success or failure at performing the actions necessary to make money online. I bring this up because the language focuses on the individual. How your success or lack of it is measured by your own personal efforts. Now, you should be understanding where I am going with this explanation. For example, some of the language you may see includes:

  • Your own due diligence (Process of evaluating details before making a decision).
  • Individual capacity and level of desire (Where people continually expand their capacity to create results they truly desire).
  • Success depends on the individual’s background, dedication, desire and motivation.
  • Risk is associated with your own personal reliance (Ability to rely on one’s own capabilities, judgment, independence or resources).
  • Results are based on many factors. We have no way of knowing how well you will do, we do not know you, your background, dedication, work ethic, skills or practices, motivation or desire.

You see what I mean by the language? The important concept to take away here is that self improvement in any form comes down to YOU, the individual. Everything that is necessary to change, boost or improve your confidence, self image or self esteem begins with YOU. That is the person you see in the mirrors you pass on a daily basis.

The work, is an internal process. You have to have the will, the desire and motivation to change  your way of thinking about yourself. You may never be at 100%, but if you will put forth the effort to make a difference in your life every time you experience negative self talk or even allow your self esteem to stifle your path going forward, remember to consciously stick up for yourself.

Change the moment. Be present within yourself and work to dispel the negative to a more positive and proactive experience.


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Improve Self Confidence, Self Esteem


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