Improve Self Confidence, Self Esteem

improve self confidence, self esteemDo Suggestions Provided For Improving Self Esteem and Confidence Really Work?

Although there may  not be many people asking this question, but I think about it quite often. Because of the number of self help books purchased, courses and seminars attended by those interested in this topic it makes you wonder why it is still popular with people. Are we really that in need of improving our personal psyche or wanting to be healed from the ugliness in our past?

If we are that serious, why is it so difficult to overcome our self prescribed personal deficiencies? Why isn’t that most of us don’t see much improvement despite the words of affirmation, good luck charms or hanging out with positive people. Do positive suggestions to help improve our self esteem really work? I think it’s a good question to ask yourself. Read the rest of this entry


What’s The Definition of Self Esteem?

self esteemWhen discussing self esteem its important not to confuse the term with self confidence. It isn’t hard to find a self esteem definition online or in a dictionary, in many cases these short definitions will not tell you everything you need to know. For example, the dictionary I used defines ‘esteem’ as ‘favorable opinion, regard, respect’. So it would stand to reason that ‘self esteem‘ means having a favorable opinion, regard or respect for yourself.

But what does it really mean to have a good opinion of yourself? Does it mean that we have to think positive thoughts about ourselves? Not really. To understand, we have to look more closely and come up with a self esteem definition that goes beyond what can be found in a dictionary. Read the rest of this entry