Family Playing GameSelf esteem boosting activities for kids dealing with issues of self image and confidence can seem like a daunting task. As someone that is sensitive to their needs, you may not know how to approach them about it or even what to say to them.

However, what’s important to kids is being respected and want to feel like they matter. Show them respect, don’t talk down to them and provide support. You will find these things go a long way, even for those kids who don’t have self esteem problems. Some of the following activities should be suggested:

Make a list of their strengths. One way to build self esteem in young people is to have them list the things they are good at. This is an activity you can do with them as you may see things they don’t. This can help them build their list. Once the list is made, acknowledge it on a regular basis. If you notice something from the list that the child is doing at the moment, give them praise for it. Never go overboard with praise, a child can see right through that, but do give genuine praise and find ways they can use their strengths more. Read the rest of this entry